Digitised material

Some of the various papers have been digitised and appear below. To enlarge, click directly on the image (this will take you to a new page).  Interviews and oral testimonies can be viewed here. This page is updated with materials from the IAMHIST archive holdings on an ad hoc basis.

From Christine Whittaker’s donated papers:

IAMHIST Draft Statutes, n.d.

IAMHIST Proposed Statutes, 15 March 1977


Internal Memorandum (Imperial War Museum), 1 April 1977


IAMHIST Proposed Statutes, 5 April 1977


IAMHIST Meeting Report, 3 May 1977


Letter from Rolf L. Schuursma to Karsten Fledelius, 21 June 1977


IAMHIST Newsletter, 2-3 July 1977



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