The 2013 Michael Nelson Prize

The IAMHIST-MICHAEL NELSON PRIZE FOR A WORK IN MEDIA AND HISTORY is a biennial prize awarded for the book, radio or television program or series, film, DVD, CD-ROM, or URL making the best contribution on the subject of media and history, which has been published or shown in the preceding two years.

The prize is dedicated to Michael Nelson, whose passion for media and journalism inspired IAMHIST throughout the years.  For more information on Michael Nelson, please consult:

Beginning with the upcoming 2013 prize, two awards will be made.  The first, a prize of 00, will be for the best contribution by a book; the second, a prize of 0 will be for the best contribution by a (multi) media contribution.  Newly instituted this year, this second prize will consider media such as films, CD-ROMs, and URLs separately from print media, in the hope of encouraging the submission of scholarly work in non-print media.  The winners will be announced on the website shortly. Continue reading

IAMHIST Media and History Conference, Copenhagen 2011

The IAMHIST Conference 2011 will be on the theme of “Media and Cultural Memory” (XXIV International Conference on History and Media). It will take place on July 6-9, 2011, and is organized by the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST) in conjunction with the Department for Media, Cognition & Communication, Faculty of Humanities, the Centre for Bible and Cultural Memory, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, and the Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television. Continue reading

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