Books for Review Summer 2024

IAMHIST received copies of the following books and is looking for reviewers (Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television). If you are interested, please send a message (mentioning the full title of the book and your postal address) to Veronica Johnson (  It would help if you could tell us a bit about your own research and expertise and/or why you are interested in reviewing this title. Please also note that some books may still be available from previous lists.

Books available for review:

Alter, Norma M. Harun Farocki: Forms of Intelligence. Columbia University Press, 2024. Already assigned for review.

Andrews, Kylie. Trailblazing Women of Australian Public Broadcasting, 1945-1975. Anthem Press, 2024. Already assigned for review.

Barber, Susan. The Australian Film Revival: 1970s, 1980s, and Beyond. Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.

Dear, Michael. Border Witness: Reimagining the US-Mexico Borderlands through Film. University of California Press, 2023.

Demir, Sertaç Timur. The City on Screen: Modern Strangers of Cinematic Istanbul. Vernon Press, 2024.

Drew, Rob. Unspooled: How the Cassette made Music Shareable. Duke University Press, 2024. Already assigned for review.

Etienne, Anne, Benjamin Halligan and Christopher Weedman, eds. Adult Themes: British Cinema and the X Certificate in the Long 1960s. Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.

Fabbri, Lorenzo. Cinema is the Strongest Weapon: Race-Making and Resistance in Fascist Italy. University of Minnesota Press, 2023.

Hart, Phoebe. Crafting Contemporary Documentaries and Docuseries for Global Screens: Docu-mania. Rowman, 2024.

Hastie, Amelie. Columbo: Make Me a Perfect Murder. Duke University Press, 2024. Already assigned for review.

Herbert, Daniel. Maverick Movies: New Line Cinema and the Transformation of American Film. University of California Press, 2024.

Hines, Claire, Terence McSweeney, and Stuart Joy, eds. James Bond Will Return: Critical Perspectives on the 007 Film Franchise. Columbia University Press, 2024. Already assigned for review.

Hollenbach, Lisa. Poetry FM: American Poetry and Radio Counterculture. University of Iowa Press, 2024.

Long, Derek. Playing the Percentages: How Film Distribution Made the Hollywood Studio System. University of Texas Press, 2024.

Li, Jie. Cinematic Guerrillas: Propaganda, Projectionists, and Audiences in Socialist China. Columbia University Press, 2023. Already assigned for review.

Lithgow, Michael and Michèle Martin, eds. Eyewitness Textures: User-Generated Content and Journalism in the Twenty-First Century. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2024.

Verma, Neil. Narrative Podcasting in an Age of Obsession. University of Michigan Press, 2024. Already assigned for review.

Wiegand, Daniel, ed. Aesthetics of Early Sound Film: Media Change around 1930. Amsterdam University Press, 2023.

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