Books for Review Summer 2020

IAMHIST received copies of the following books and is looking for reviewers (Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television). If you are interested, please send a message (mentioning the full title of the book and your postal address) to Ciara Chambers (  It would help if you could tell us a bit about your own research and expertise and/or why you are interested in reviewing this title. Please also note that some books may still be available from previous lists.

Burke, Frank. Fellini’s Films and Commercials. Intellect (UK), 2020. 

Briggs, Asa and Peter Burke. Social History of the Media. Polity, 2020.  Already Assigned for Review.

Burton, Alan. Looking Glass Wars: Spies on British Screens since 1960. Vernon Press, 2020.

Clark, Joseph. News Parade. University of Minnesota Press, 2020Already Assigned for Review.

Hedberg Olenina, Ana. Psychomotor Aesthetics: Movement and Affect in Modern Literature and Film, Oxford University Press, 2020.  Already Assigned for Review.

Isaacs, Bruce. The Art of Pure Cinema: Hitchcock and His Imitators. Oxford University Press, 2020. Already Assigned for Review.

Manning, Sam. Cinemas and  Cinema-Going in the United Kingdom:  Decades of Decline, 1945-65. University of London Press, 2020. 

Menotti, Gabriel and Virginia Crisp. Practices of Projection: Histories and Technologies. Oxford University Press, 2020. Already Assigned for Review.

Pinkus, Karen. Clocking Out: The Machinery of Life in 1960s Italian Cinema. University of Minnesota Press, 2020. Assigned for Review.

Ryan, Michael, and Melissa Lenos. Introduction to Film Analysis. Bloomsbury Academic, 2020.  Already Assigned for Review.

Utterson, Andrew. Persistent Images: Encountering Film History in Contemporary Cinema. Edinburgh University Press, 2020. Already Assigned for Review.

Whybray, Adam. The Art of Czech Animation: A History of Political Dissent and Allegory. Bloomsbury Academic, 2020. Already Assigned for Review.

Mapping Movie Magazines. Edited by Daniel Biltereyst and Lies Van de Vijver. Palgrave, 2020. Already Assigned for Review.

Noir Affect. Edited by Christopher Breu and Elizabeth A. Hatmaker. Fordham University Press, 2020.  Already Assigned for Review.

Voicing the Cinema. Edited by James Bluher and Hannah Lewis. University of Illinois Press, 2020.  Already Assigned for Review.

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