Masterclass on Media & History

Every year, IAMHIST organises a masterclass on Media and History. The class is a one day informal networking event where postgraduate students, independent researchers and upcoming media professionals get a chance to present their work to peers. The event is an opportunity to engage with established scholars and practitioners in a less formal setting than an academic conference. Among the topics addressed are publication possibilities, resources, working with archives, and networking. There is no charge for attendance. In the previous years, master classes have been organised in London, Los Angeles, Brussels, Newcastle, Paris, New Orleans, Luxembourg, Cork and Dublin. The next masterclass will take place in Brussels. CFP to be announced later in 2024.

Participants’ Reports

Lisa Hood (University of Brighton):

The IAMHIST Masterclass was an incredibly valuable experience. As a PhD student I am relatively inexperienced at presenting and giving/receiving feedback. This was a supportive event and the questions arising, from both the expert panel and my peers, were extremely insightful and thought provoking. The choice of participants was also very well considered and catalysed conversations with colleagues who had similar research interests/challenges in a very natural way thereby obviating a dreaded networking session! I know I have met people who will be important to me as my research career progresses.

Jonathan Michael O’Brien (NUI Maynooth):

Participating in the recent IAMHIST Masterclass to present my project on screenwriting in Ireland was a really great experience. As my first presentation on my PhD topic, the environment was welcoming and constructive. The insights and suggestions I received were helpful, contributing to advancement of my research. The atmosphere was one of encouragement, which made sharing ideas and discussing my research on screenwriting practices in Ireland particularly enjoyable. The event left me with a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer direction for my PhD journey.

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