About the IAMHIST Archive

Founded in 1977, IAMHIST is an organisation which has encouraged historical research in the areas of film, radio, television and other media.

The purpose of the IAMHIST Archive Project is to collect, preserve, research, and provide access to material relating to the history of the organisation. Thus far, the small collection of material the Archive holds includes personal papers, correspondence, briefings, minutes of meetings and early drafts of the organisation’s statutes, some of which has been digitised and can be accessed here.

The Archive Team has also begun to record individual testimonies from former IAMHIST members in order gain understanding of different contributions made toward the building and development of the association.

The documents held in the IAMHIST Archive are currently undergoing preservation and cataloguing, and the catalogue will be made available online soon.

The Archive Team will provide updates on the progress of the project on the IAMHIST Facebook and Twitter, as well as ‘Gems from the IAMHIST Archive’ blog series, which will be launched as part of the IAMHIST Blog. You can visit IAMHIST Archive YouTube channel here and the IAMHIST Archive Instagram here.

For details on how to contact the Archive Team, as well as how to donate materials and offer your memories of the organisation to the IAMHIST Archive, please visit here.

IAMHIST Archive Project Team:

Llewella Chapman, Ciara Chambers, James Chapman and Tobias Hochscherf

With thanks to:

David Culbert

Karsten Fledelius

Jerry Kuehl

Rainer Rother

Wendy Russell (British Film Institute)

Rüdiger Steinmetz

Christine Whittaker




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