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Please find here information about different conference issues that came up in the first mails we received after sending out the acceptance letters. If there is still any inquiry you can contact

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paper presentation
There is no full paper needed. The conference language is English and each paper presentation should be 20 minutes long in order to assure at least 10 minutes discussion for each paper. Please bring your own computer (adapter if needed) and/or USB-stick/external drive to the venue (portable computers will be in the room) and join the room of your panel at least 5-10 minutes before the beginning of the session. There will be the possibility to show video extracts from computer files or your internal DVD/CD drive but there will be no external TV or DVD player in the rooms.

There might be no Internet access in some panel rooms as there are two other huge conferences taking place at the same time, so please make sure that you can access your videos offline etc.

If there are any questions please contact

A publication of all conferences papers is not planned, but there are several projects we have in mind for special issues, edited volumes etc. that will be decided and suggested after the conference. You can always submit an article proposal to the IAMHIST journal if you like: As a future iamhist member you will have free access to the journal during one year (printed version and online access).



travel and accommodation

Access, travel and accommodation



student travel grants
Limited funding was available for graduate students on a competitive basis (cf. Call for papers). Ten grants of 200 Euros each will be available for the best abstracts. Funded postgraduate students will have to attend the whole conference, the conference activities, workshops and the student lunch. The travel grant will be offered in form of a reimbursement of travel fees after the conference.

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