The IAMHIST email (listserv) mailing list is the principal way in which the organisation disseminates information to its listserv members. You do not need to be a member of the organisation to be a member of the mailing list, however as we are a not-for-profit educational organisation, we welcome you to join IAMHIST here. Members of the mailing list may also post messages to all subscribers on any matter that relate to the organisation, or that are consistent with its aims of promoting debate and discussion among scholars, archivists, and practitioners working in the broad field of media history. You may also promote events relevant to the mailing list, for example books for review, calls for papers, conferences, job advertisements, journals, publications, etc.

How to subscribe:

We use a list-server hosted by JISCMail. To subscribe, click here. You will need to confirm your email address.

How to post a message:

You can post a message to all subscribers once you have confirmed your subscription to the list. You will need to email the message you want posted to iamhist@jiscmail.ac.uk. Your message will then be posted.

Code of Practice to posting to the IAMHIST listserv:

We adhere to the acceptable use and etiquette guidelines established by JISCMail for listservs. These can be found here. In particular, subscribers are reminded that the use of JISCMail is subject to rules governing UK law and the UK Data Protection Act (1998). So messages sent to lists may not contain information that breaks any law, such as (but not restricted to) those regarding copyright or defamation. Details can be found here and here. ​​

Please also note that all emails are archived.​

JISCMail ‘Etiquette’ Guidelines:

  • The IAMHIST listserv is public, and therefore everyone subscribed to the list can see the messages you post.
  • If you reply to a message posted to a list, check the recipient of your message. Do you really want it to be posted back to the list and seen by everyone or just to the originator?
  • Ensure messages are on-topic and appropriate for the list.
  • Be nice. Refrain from personal abuse. You may express disagreement with what someone says, but don’t call them names or threaten them with personal violence.
  • Use a meaningful subject line – it increases the chances of your message being read and found in the list archives.
  • Keep messages short and to the point. Write clearly and succinctly. IAMHIST is an international organisation and has members who are non-native English speakers, so please avoid using slang they may not understand.
  • Complain to the list owner – not the list. If you need assistance regarding the mailing list, please contact iamhist-request@jiscmail.ac.uk.
  • When forwarding messages be respectful, comply with copyright and data protection, don’t give out private email addresses or contact details of others (if in doubt check with the author).
  • Check that you are posting your message to the list from the same email account that is registered in JiscMail, otherwise your message will be rejected.


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