IAMHIST seeks a new webmaster and online community manager

As Katharina Niemeyer will be HJFRT book review editor from July 2017 on, IAMHIST seeks a new webmaster and online community manager who could begin her/his work after the IAMHIST Paris conference.

Your profile

– a scholar or media practitioner who is interested in media history/media and history and in IAMHIST-activities (www.IAMHIST.org).

you should be available for at least two years

– you are very familiar with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and other social online media

– you are fluent in English

– you are in touch with a number of networks in the fields of media studies, media history, history …

– you are reliable and communicative


– you will be affiliated to the IAMHIST council during two years (http://IAMHIST.org/about-us/IAMHIST-council/) and you will be invited to the council meetings.

– you will receive free IAMHIST membership during 2 years, http://IAMHIST.org/membership/)

– you will receive a small stipend per year

– you will build a wide network in the field of media and history/media history

Information and what you would have to do

– On average, being webmaster and community manager means up to 3 cumulated hours of work per week (sometimes more, sometimes less; also depending on special events etc.).

– You are of course free to divide your own time, but it is important to be flexible and available when it comes to special or important IAMHIST events (deadline reminder, prize announcements etc.).

– There is a transition period of two months during which the former and the new online community manager will work together.

– Register to several newsletters related to media history and media studies and filtering the announcements you receive by selecting those that are relevant for IAMHIST

– At least 1-2 times per month: Posting calls for papers, interesting publications, open positions etc. on the IAMHIST website (those filtered from the newsletters or those you receive from colleagues via mail)

– sharing the published posts via IAMHIST twitter (https://twitter.com/IAMHIST) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/IAMHIST/)

– posting special IAMHIST events in exchange with the council members (masterclass, conferences etc.)

– updating the website in general (new members, council members, IAMHIST events etc.) in exchange with council members

– answering/forwarding mails received via the IAMHIST contact form on the website

– give input about the online strategy of IAMHIST to the council

– present an annual website and community management report for the council meeting

– special community management during IAMHIST events: shares on Facebook or tweets

– co-administration of the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/IAMHIST/)

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a mail with a short motivation statement and CV to:

IAMHIST.web@gmail.com / Deadline: May 15th, 2017.


IAMHIST seeks candidates for the council election

IAMHIST is managed by the Council, as duly elected representatives of the membership. The council consists of the IAMHIST president and 11 council members and meets once (even years) or twice (uneven years) a year to plan and administer upcoming conferences, events and initiatives. Every two years, an online election of council members is organised among the members. The results are announced at the biennial IAMHIST conference.

We are currently seeking candidates for the 2017 election taking place in May-June 2017. There will be six vacancies on the council. We invite applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:

Your profile

– you are scholar or media practitioner working in the field of media history/media and history

– you are a IAMHIST member and/or you have attended IAMHIST events in the past

– you commit to attending council meetings and IAMHIST events

– you are available for at least four years

– you are prepared to take on responsibilities for a selection of specific IAMHIST events or activities, such as prizes, coaching activities, website administration or community management etc.

IAMHIST is an equal opportunity organisation. As the organisation is devoted to furthering the careers of early career researchers and media practitioners, we especially encourage these individuals to step forward.

If you are interested in standing for election, please get in touch with IAMHIST vice-president Leen Engelen (info-contact@IAMHIST.org) before May 15th 2017.

Orphan Film Symposium in Paris

The Cinémathèque française and NYU Cinema Studies host a special edition of the Orphan Film Symposium, in Paris, March 2-4, 2017.  The theme: Tests, essais et expérimentations.

We invite you to join us. If you would forward this news to your colleagues, I will be grateful.

The full program (30 presenters) and registration information are available here: www.nyu.edu/orphanfilms.  (Attached too.)

Films ranging from 1894 to 1994, from France, the US, UK, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Lithuania, Serbia, Algeria, Belgium, India, Mexico, and the Netherlands. See a wondrous variety of outtakes, kinetoscope movies, camera tests, partially edited newsreels, 90mm scientific studies, 35mm medical films, Super 8 experiments, 16mm avant garde pieces, images inédites, rushes, unfinished films, silent cinema, unreleased works, never-used newsfilm, amateur narratives, home movies, military footage, student films, promotional documentaries, early sound newsreel tests, and restored classics.

The symposium will take place during three mornings (9am to 1pm) at the Cinémathèque française during Toute la mémoire du monde, International Festival of Film Restoration (March 1-5).

Registration — open to all — gives access to both the Orphan Film Symposium and all five days and nights of Festival Toute la Mémoire.  Students and underemployed persons may pay half price.

And please save the dates for the 11th Orphan Film Symposium, April 11-14, 2018, when we return to Museum of the Moving Image for the big biennial edition. Theme and call for proposals forthcoming in April 2017.

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