Biennial Conference

IAMHIST holds biennial international conferences. The next conference will take place at Northumbria University, UK, 2019, exact dates and topic to be announced.


Media and History: Crime, violence and justice, University of Paris 2, July 10-13, 2017.

Media and History revisited, Bloomington, June 17-20, 2015.

Childhood and the Media, Leicester, July 17-20, 2013

Media History and Cultural Memory, Copenhagen, July 6-9, 2011/ Conference REPORT

Social Fears and Moral Panics, Aberystwyth, Wales, July 8-11, 2009/ Conference REPORT

Media and Imperialism – Press, Photography, Film, Radio and Television in the Age of Modern Imperialism, Amsterdam, July 18-21, 2007

Projections of Race and Ethnicity: national Identities and Global Networks, Cincinnati, July, 2005

The History of the Future: Visions from the Past, Leicester University, July 2003

Changing Identities in Film and Television, Leipzig, Germany, July 2001.

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