M.A. Film Curating at Birkbeck, London

Dear IAMHIST members,
Here is an announcement about a new M.A. programme starting in 2014-15 at Birkbeck, London:
A first of its kind, this new M.A. in Film Curating, directed by Professor Laura Mulvey, explores the rapidly changing ways in which films are programmed by curators and consumed by spectators. Today audiences still watch films in cinemas, but digital technology and the internet have multiplied the platforms for consuming moving images. At the same time, galleries and museums now routinely exhibit film in shows and installations, while film festivals are flourishing in new formats and locations as never before. This intensive (one year, full time) M.A. programme combines academic study of the history of moving image exhibition with practical work including interaction with film curators and practitioners. Now, for the first time in the history of film studies, the role of programmers and curators as the creative mediators between films and their audiences have become a significant issue for academic and critical inquiry and research.
• The award-winning Birkbeck Cinema is equipped with 35mm and state-of-the-art DVD projection, offering students the opportunity to experiment with programming and curating.
• The Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image: the programme includes conferences, screenings and film related events of all kinds throughout the academic year.
• Birkbeck will host the first Essay Film Festival early in 2015, with opportunities for student involvement with its organization.
• Located in central London, in the heart of historic Bloomsbury, Birkbeck is within easy reach of cinemas and galleries, as well as facilities such as the British Film Institute, the British Library etc.
For more information about the M.A. Film Curating at Birkbeck: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/study/2014/postgraduate/programmes/TMAFCURA_C/
Thanks for your attention, Michael Temple

Regimes of Temporality – International conference at the University of Oslo, June 5-7, 2013.

Investigating the Plurality and Order of Times Across Histories, Cultures, Technologies, Materialities and Media

Humans live and work in different times. The standardized global clock time, both homogenous and linear, is only one of them. Our lives unfold through a variety of time frames: cyclical or linear, repetitive or cumulative, slow or fast, measured or experienced, short or long. During the last years a series of new times have emerged due to globalization, technological innovation and climate change, e. g. the instantaneity of digital communication, the many time scales of CO2 emissions and temperature rise and the collapse of the idea of unilinear global progress.

The goal of this conference, hosted by the interdisciplinary research program KULTRANS at the University of Oslo, is to open a dialogue between disciplines and fields, such as history, anthropology, media studies, sociology, STS, biology, geology, philosophy, literature and others on the emergences, conflicts, and hierarchies of different times in past, present and future.


CFP: Childhood & The Media, 25th IAMHIST Conference


Papers are invited for the biennial IAMHIST (International Association of Media and History) Congress, to be held at the University of Leicester, UK, on the theme of ‘Childhood and the Media’. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

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