Books for Review Spring 2021

IAMHIST received copies of the following books and is looking for reviewers (Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television). If you are interested, please send a message (mentioning the full title of the book and your postal address) to Ciara Chambers (  It would help if you could tell us a bit about your own research and expertise and/or why you are interested in reviewing this title. Please also note that some books may still be available from previous lists.
A., Miller, D. Second Time Around – from Art House to DVD. Columbia University Press, 2021.
Barnett, Kyle. Record Cultures: The Transformation of the U.S. Recording Industry. University of Michigan Press, 2020. Already assigned for review. 
Cherchai Usai, Paolo, David Francis, Alexander Horwath and Michael Loebenstein. Film Curatorship – Archives, Museums, and the Digital Marketplace. Austrian Film Museum, 2020.  Already assigned for review. 
Forster, Ralf. Heimkino Auf Ozaphan. CineGraph, 2021.  Already assigned for review. 
Freedman, Carl. American Presidents and Oliver Stone. Intellect (UK), 2020. Already assigned for review. 
Griffen-Foley, Bridget. Australian Radio Listeners and Television Viewers. Palgrave Pivot, 2020.Already assigned for review. 
Johnston, Andrew R. Pulses of Abstraction: Episodes from a History of Animation. Minnesota University Press, 2020. Already assigned for review. 
Kelly, Gillian. Tyrone Power: Gender and Image in Classical Hollywood Cinema. Edinburgh University Press, 2021. Already assigned for review. 
Macnab, Geoffrey. The British Film Industry in 25 Careers. Bloomsbury Academic, 2021. Already assigned for review. 
Maltby, Richard. Decoding the Movies: Hollywood in the 1930s. University of Exeter Press, 2020. Already assigned for review. 
McElhaney, Joe. Luchino Visconti and the Fabric of Cinema. Wayne State University Press, 2021.
Mcnally, Karen. The Stardom Film – Creating the Hollywood Fairy Tale. Wallflower Press, 2020. Already assigned for review. 
Moraly, Yehuda. Revolution in Paradise. Sussex Academic Press, 2019. Already assigned for review. 
Prorokova-Konrad, Tatiana, ed. Cold War II: Hollywood’s Renewed Obsession with Russia. University Press of Mississippi, 2020 Already assigned for review. 
Redmond, Sean. Starring Tom Cruise. Wayne State University Press, 2021.  Already assigned for review. 
Sanders, Joe Sutliff. Batman: The Animated Series. Wayne State University Press, 2021. Already assigned for review. 
Tibbetts, John C. Peter Weir: Interviews. University Press of Mississippi, 2021. Already assigned for review. 
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