Congratulations to Susan Murray: 2019 IAMHIST-Michael Nelson Book Prize winner

We are delighted to announce that the winner of this year’s IAMHIST-Michael Nelson Book Prize is Bright Signals: A History of Color Television by Susan Murray (Duke University Press, 2018).  Meticulously researched, engagingly written, and well-illustrated, the volume presents a detailed – but always accessible – account of the intertwined processes of social, cultural and technological change. In this volume, Dr. Murray makes an important contribution to media historiography, and our understanding of the complexities of technological transformation.  Susan Murray is Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University, the author of Hitch Your Antenna to the Stars: Early Television and Broadcast Stardom (Routledge, 2005), and the coeditor of Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture (NYU Press, 2008).

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