IAMHIST Blog Launch

Welcome to the newest part of our website: the IAMHIST Blog! Our first blogger, Mattias Frey,  discusses authenticity and cultural appropriation in the historical film here:


The aim of the IAMHIST Blog is to offer a platform for scholars at all levels, as well as media practitioners, to share their research and their reflections on media and history within the IAMHIST network. The blog encourages discussion and debate, and invites readers to contribute to the comment thread.

Blog posts will be published on a weekly basis, and will be advertised on IAMHIST Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you wish to propose an idea for a blog entry to be published on the site, please contact Llewella Chapman (IAMHIST Blog Editor) at llewella.chapman@gmail.com. You can find guidelines on submitting a blog here: http://iamhist.net/category/iamhist-blog/iamhist-blog-guidelines/.

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