CFP: Besides the Screen 2017

7th Besides the Screen International Conference

Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil, 31 May to 2 June 2017

Deadline for proposals: 24th March 2017

Once again, virtual reality is a technology to come. The recent popularisation of immersive displays has revamped the interest on the possibilities of this subject. Alongside came the growth of other forms of volumetric image capture and exhibition, such as 3-D scanning and 360o video. These systems, many of them created to enable computer sensing, are now informing other observers. The way they have been deployed in fields from social media to heritage preservation and prosthetic medicine indicate their broad impact on emerging spatial ontologies.

The next Besides the Screen conference means to frame these growing trends in volumetric imaging in the long history intertwining geography and optics. Departing from cinema, the event seeks to explore how space and image have shaped one another across different media and cultural systems, tracing the power relations that cause topological subjectivities to emerge.

We invite proposals of papers, workshops, performances, screenings, artist presentations, and experimental projects that address, explore, and subvert topics such as:

– the past, present, and future of VR technologies

– 360o and immersive filmmaking in different genres

– bodily affects and proprioception within virtual environments

– multi-camera stitching aesthetics

– visual effects / in-frame spatial compositing, both digital and analog

– 3-D animation and synthetic spaces

– moving images resulting from 3-D scanning, photogrammetry, and structured light capture

– developments in computer vision and depth perception

– real-time cartography as control interfaces

– responses from the media and data industries to new image technologies

– early stereoscopic, anamorphic, and panoramic devices

– event cinema, site-specific projections, and pop-up screenings

– cleavages and continuities between architecture and the moving image

– moving image installations and performances

– etc

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