Two awards worth 00 each will be made.  The first will be for the best contribution by a book; the second will be for the best contribution by a (multi) media project. This second prize will consider media such as films, television series, video essays, CD-ROMs, and web-based projects separately from print media, in the hope of encouraging the submission of scholarly work in non-print media.

Submissions for the 2017 IAMHIST Prize for a Work in Media and History should reach the committee before September 15, 2016. The prize will be awarded for a publication and (multi) media contribution on the subject of media and history published or shown between September 2014 – September 2016.

Submissions should be sent to:  Professor Cynthia J. Miller 484 Bolivar St. Canton, MA  02021 USA. Email: 

The prize was awarded for the first time in 2007, at the XXIInd IAMHIST conference in Amsterdam. The winner was Wendy Webster (University of Central Lancashire), for her book ENGLISHNESS AND EMPIRE, 1939-1965 (Oxford University Press, 2005).  Thanks to an especially strong field of entries, two winners were chosen in 2009: RECONSTRUCTING AMERICAN HISTORICAL CINEMA FROM ‘CIMMARON TO ‘CITIZEN KANE,’ by Jennifer E. Smyth (University of Warwick), and VOICES IN RUINS: GERMAN RADIO AND NATIONAL RECONSTRUCTION IN THE WAKE OF TOTAL WAR, by Alexander Badenoch (Technical University of Eindhoven). Both works were cited by the prize committee as making outstanding contributions to the field, based on excellence of research, originality, accessibility, and scholarly usefulness.  In 2011, the prize was awarded to IT’S THE PICTURES THAT GOT SMALL: HOLLYWOOD FILM STARS ON 1950S TELEVISION (2009), by Christine Becker.  In 2013, the first year of the (multi) media prize, the recipients were: J. EDGAR HOOVER GOES TO THE MOVIES: THE FBI AND THE ORIGINS OF HOLLYWOOD’S COLD WAR, by John Sbardellati, and THE MEDIA HISTORY DIGITAL LIBRARY. The 2015 prize for a book went to ‘How it feels to be free’ (Ruth Feldstein) and the prize for the best multi (media) project went to the Belgian television series Brave Little Belgium (Canvas, VAF-mediafonds en Mindsmeet).

Rules of the IAMHIST prize:

1. The prize is awarded biennially.

2. Invitations for submissions and names of the winners will be published in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, on the IAMHIST website, on flyers, displayed in the universities of teaching members of IAMHIST, and by letters to appropriate bodies.

3. The prize will be awarded for the book, radio or television program or series, film, DVD, CD-ROM, or URL making the best contribution on the subject of media and history to have been published or shown in the preceding two years

4. Three copies of the work must be submitted to the IAMHIST prize sub-committee chair by 30 September of the year preceding the award

5. The submitted work must be in the form of printed text, audio tape, VHS cassette, DVD or CD-ROM. It must be accompanied by back-up material, as appropriate, such as scripts and shot lists.

6. Works which are not in English must be accompanied by an English translation or an English synopsis.

7. The winner will be selected by a sub-committee of the IAMHIST Council, under the chairmanship of IAMHIST Treasurer, Cynthia Miller.

Submissions should be sent to:  Professor Cynthia J. Miller 484 Bolivar St. Canton, MA  02021 USA. Email:  

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